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Tax Planning

"Comprehensive Tax Planning is far more than Income Tax Planning"

Each year your Accountant provides guidance and sound income tax planning advice. Is he familiar with all of your long term financial goals? Does he know how you plan to pay for college for your children? Has he presented options that will help you achieve your retirement objectives, and has he considered any investments that can be advanced through comprehensive tax strategies?

As part of your overall financial plan Oak Tree will review and evaluate your current tax planning efforts, and may recommend some better alternatives with a focus on reducing taxes and increasing cash flow. Implementing your plan, and coordinating your tax planning with your estate, retirement or business plans are key areas of our expertise.

However, providing an immediate tax solution isn't enough. We know that your circumstances will change. Therefore we offer the ongoing support you'll need to make sure your overall Financial Plan stays focused on your goals, so you get the long-term results you desire.